Are you more than just insecure?

By Mackenzie Chin

What is Body Dysmorphia?

Are you suffering from body dysmorphia (BDD)? Body dysmorphic disorder is a psychological disorder that happens in both males and females. It is when a person gets obsessed with imaginary defects in their appearance. If you think you have BDD, you need to talk to someone fast.

The suicide rate for those with BDD is 45 times higher than that of the general population.

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Symptoms of BDD

There are many different symptoms that can be clues that a person is suffering from BDD.

Physical Symptoms:

- Girls feel like they have to wear a lot of makeup to cover up their "flaws"

- Boys feel like they have to grow a beard to hide

Emotional Symptoms:
- Extreme self consciousness

- Strong belief that they have an abnormality or defect in their appearance that makes them think they're ugly

- They believe everyone knows about their flaws

Social Symptoms:

- Avoids social interactions

- Does not like to appear in pictures

Behavioral Symptoms:

- Either frequent visits to the mirror or they avoid looking in mirrors

- Feels a need to stay in the house all the time

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Celebrity with BDD

There are many people that have had or has body dysmorphia like Michael Jackson. We all know him as a singer and song writer, but Michael was suffering from BDD. Michael Jackson had a lot of cosmetic surgeries which was because he was not happy with the way he looked. He was suffering from BDD. Michael was using drugs which lead to his death.

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Need Help?

Are you suffering from body dysmorphic disorder? Then contact the information below.