Falcon Ridge Elementary Newsletter

March 2021

Important Information:

Office/Main Line: 952-758-1600

24/7 Attendance Line: 952-758-1605

FR Nurse: 952-758-1606

Fax: 952-758-1699

Attendance/Absences, Vacations and Pickup Messages

Just a reminder about messages regarding your child(ren):

  • The office needs to be notified about attendance (illness, running late, appointments, etc.). Calls should be made by 9:10 am on the day that your child(ren) will be absent to be considered excused. The 24-hour attendance line is 952-758-1605.
  • If your child will be absent for any reason, please call 952-758-1605 or send a note prior to them being absent.
  • Pickup (during or at end of day) emails should be sent to the three office assistants: lbisek@isd721.org, nschmitz@isd721.org, and amusil@isd721.org. This will ensure that the office, teachers, or substitute teachers will receive the message. Sending a note to school or calling the main line (952-758-1600) are also great options.

If you email the teacher about any of the above, it is important that you also notify the office (952-758-1600) or attendance line (952-758-1605). Thank you!

Principal's Perspective - David Giesen

Falcon Ridge Families,

We can feel the warming temperatures coming, and the sure signs of spring aren't far away. Our "first full month" of the school year with students is nearly complete, and we are adjusting to having all of our students back into our classrooms. Please read through the following notes and reminders.

Winter Gear

We are still planning to go outside every day that we can for recess. Please ensure that your child comes to school with their jacket, boots, snow pants, hat and gloves/mittens for the time being.

Entering the Building

In adhering our COVID guidelines, we are still continuing to ask parents to keep from entering our building for the time being. For those needing to pick up/drop off students or drop off school-related items, please make attempts to notify the office in advance or work through the "buzzer" system located at our main entrance.

K Round-Up

This past week, we held our Kindergarten Round-Up informational night for the parents of all incoming kindergarteners. Our hope is to hold scheduled tours later this spring and invite small groups of families in to see a typical school day in action. More information will be shared as we approach the month of May. More information on Kindergarten at Falcon Ridge can be found here.


Our spring conference dates are set for Monday, March 15 (10-8), Thursday, March 18 (5-8) and Thursday, March 25 (5-8). Please sign up through the PTC Fast Link. Your classroom teacher will be communicating on the format (phone or virtual) soon.

March Dates to Note

March 12 (No school K-12, Teacher planning day)

March 15 (K-5 Conferences, 10-4)

March 18 (K-5 Conferences, 5-8)

March 25 (K-5 Conferences, 5-8)

March 29-April 2 (K-12 Spring Break)

MCA Testing

Please see below for the scheduled MCA dates. The MCAs are taken by our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

  • Reading: April 12-15

  • Math: April 19-22

  • Science (5th grade only): April 26-28

Have a great month of March everyone!

Mr. David Giesen

Falcon Ridge Elementary Principal

(952) 758-1601 and dgiesen@isd721.org

Staff Perspective - Lisa Luskey, 2nd Grade Teacher

What is a fruit? What is a vegetable? What is a serving size? How many minutes of exercise is good for my body each day? Am I getting a good night’s sleep? All of these questions, and so many more, are answered during 2nd grade’s Fitness Fever Month in March.

With the guidance from Mrs. Herrmann and Mr. Wagner, our 2nd graders participate in two special activities for the month of March. Students record the number of fruits and vegetables that are eaten collectively during a school day. Each class has a goal of eating up to, or more than, 800 fruits and vegetables for the month. Students are also invited to keep track of their eating habits at home. In addition to recording our daily intake of nutritious foods, we also log our exercise minutes. We know that movement is so important for our bodies and our minds.

By focusing on our health, teachers and students notice some pretty amazing things. We notice that students can determine the difference between a fruit and vegetable, and they bring more fruits and vegetables for snack breaks. We also celebrate the extra physical activity being done at home, getting a great night’s sleep to do our best work in school, and the small victories, like recognizing that a fruit strip really isn’t a fruit!

We feel so proud of this special month as 2nd graders. If your child is a 2nd grader, we hope you see this mindset that when good things are put in, good things happen! If you don’t have a 2nd grader, but know of one at Falcon Ridge, congratulate him/her for the amazing efforts in being knowledgeable about good nutrition and moving bodies for health. Also, feel free to print off a calendar for your family members and track your fruit, veggies, and exercise for each day in March. Making it a team effort adds even more enjoyment! Happy Fitness Fever Month to you!

Fundraising Made Simple

In working with our Falcon Ridge PAC, I want to make all of our families aware of some easy ways to support our students at Falcon Ridge by using a few simple steps with businesses that you may already be spending money with:

  • NEW! Shutterfly - Simply click on this Shutterfly link and start shopping. A percentage will go directly to our Falcon Ridge PAC.
  • Amazon Smile - when you shop online at Amazon. This will help raise money for the Falcon Ridge PAC, which supports all students and all staff! Again, it's easy to do so: 1. Sign in to smile.amazon.com in your desktop or mobile phone browser, 2. from your desktop, go to "Your Account" from the navigation at the top of the page, 3. select the option to "Change your Charity" from the options at the bottom of the page, 4. choose Falcon Ridge Elementary PAC. For every eligible purchase you make on smile.amazon.com, Amazon will donate 0.5% directly to our Falcon Ridge PAC.
  • Coborns School Rewards - Coborn's, Inc. is committed to donating $150,000 to local entities during the 2019-2020 school year. The points your school earns will help grow their share of the $150,000 total. It's like a pie; the size of your school's slice will depend on how many points they have received. Schools should encourage their supporters to register for their location at moreRewards.com: 1. Go to moreRewards.com, 2. create a login, 3. proceed to login, 4. go to "manage my membership," 5. choose school rewards, 6. select Falcon Ridge, and you are done! It is just that easy! You can also easily add it through the More Rewards phone app: 1. go to rewards, 2. slide the school rewards button to green, 3. below the button there should be an option for you to change to your school, 4. search for Falcon Ridge, and 5. select Falcon Ridge.

2020-21 Falcon Ridge Monthly Character Traits

R-espect (September)

E-ffort (October)

A-ttitude (November)

P-ride (December)


C-ooperation (January)

A-ssertion (February)

R-esponsibility (March)

E-mpathy (April)

S-elf Control (May)

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