The Heavenly News

by Jasmine L. Reaves

Your Help Is Needed

The Month of October 2013, my church plans to take a trip to Beaumont, TX to plant spiritual seeds. We will be encouraging other women to find a church home to hear the Word. Now, we all are aware that society as installed in some people's mind that it is not necessary or important to hear the word of God, but God's children know that that is a lie from the enemy. A man/woman of God is experienced and has permission by the Holy One to spread the gospel. From the Old Testament through the New Testament, God has ordained men to share the good news to the world and Jesus is a prime example.

Donate For A Good Cause

I, Jasmine L. Reaves plan to attend this weekend trip and be a blessing to these women, but financially I am in a difficult circumstance. Not only does the women from my church plan to help others, they also have an agenda to stay in hotel rooms, relax at the spa, and do a little shopping on their visit. If you could find it in your heart to bless me with $10 or whatever you feel lead to give, I will appreciate it. I thank you for your time, give and you shall receive (Luke 6:38 KJV) :) Have a blessed prosperous day!

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