Mobile Update


Client Updates:

Metro: Dr. Gaston's office will be going back to their one day a week starting Friday, January 8th.

Top Pain: Pam is no longer there. They have a new receptionist, Rita. She is in the process of learning the ropes, so things may be a bit out of sort there for a short time.

Tolitano- Dr. Tolitano is back from vacation and we will be doing procedures on January 7th.

New Plastic Surgery Site- Dr.Dillon's office. He is looking to start cases in January. Edin will be doing a site check next week and we will send an update with more information. Looking forward to working with Dr. Dillon and his staff very soon!

This is a new facility and the office address is:

890 E Higgins. Ste 157

Schaumburg, Il

Thank you to all of the staff who helped delivered all of the wonderful holiday baskets to our client sites. It was greatly appreciated!

New for 2016

2016 Mileage Rate

As you know, any mileage that we reimburse is done in accordance with IRS guidelines, which they generally update every year. Beginning January 1, 2016, the federal mileage rate is 54 cents per mile. This is down from the 2015 rate of 57.5 cents. Here is a link to the IRS website for more information:

Monthly RN Call

Starting January 7th, the nurses will be doing a monthly conference call. We have our staff meetings every few months but we felt a monthly meeting would be beneficial since topics are constantly coming up that require discussion. In each monthly call, we will have an open discussion on a particular topic. Our first conference call will be on Thursday, January 7th at 5:30pm and the topic will be “Permanent site ordering and stocking”. Everyone is encouraged to speak and give suggestions and ideas. We don’t want to take up a lot of your time, so the plan is for these calls to last no more than 30 minutes.

Also, think of some personal and professional goals you would like to accomplish in 2016!

What to do:

At 5:30 pm on January 7th dial 712-770-4010

When prompted, dial access code 257-905


Propofol Count- PLEASE make sure you take your time and count the propofol. This is to be done by the RN and the MD at the beginning and end of each shift.

Permanent Site Drug Box Expiration check- A "monthly drug box expiration" column has been added to the 2016 permanent site monthly checklists. Please be sure you are checking the glucometer, crash cart, and drug box each month. We will discuss this more on our RN call.

2016 Checklists- New monthly checklists have been printed and will be put into the teams. If for some reason your team does not have one, please call the clinical phone and we can send you one.

Pre-Op Voicemail- The password for the pre-op phone voicemail (by Ciero) has been changed to 2367. There is a note by the phone. Pre op nurses- be sure to check this daily!

Congratulations to Dr. Valach and her husband, Ryan!!!!!!!!!

After a full 41 weeks baby Valach finally showed up. Franc Allen Valach was born at 6:29 pm on 12/26.

9lbs 1oz, 23 1/2" long

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Save the Date

January 7th- 5:30PM- Monthly RN call

January 17th- Dr. Tadel's Baby Shower, The Clubhouse Oakbrook, 11:45am, Please RSVP to Lauren by 1/15/16.

January 28th- RN Staff meeting. Time TBA

As always, if anyone has anything for the update, please send it my way. Looking forward to a wonderful 2016!

Hope everyone has a great New Year's! Have fun and be safe!

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