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Canvas Dezign

The walls speak so much about the personality of the person or people who occupy it. The plain color of the walls may reflect what the person wants to achieve in his/ her room. Wall colors have meaning like if a person paints his/ her room with blue, it is believed to signify calmness or serenity and it is most often used in office walls. If you use the color red, it signifies strong emotions, passion and encourages appetite, which is the reason why most restaurants use that color. Yellow signifies cheerfulness and warmness, green signifies tranquility and health while the color lavender calms the nerves and allows relaxation.

Wall colors speak of what the person wants to achieve while staying in the room. On the other hand, the wall decorations speak of what the person is. It adds character and defines what the room is going to be and who the person occupying that room is. There are many kinds of wall decorations that you can apply in your room. It all boils down to the creativity and resourcefulness that you have in order to pull out the room you want to achieve.

Canvas Prints
Canvas prints is one of the top choice for wall decorations. You can choose from a wide variety of designs depending on the theme of your room. With the technology that we have, you can even customize your own photos into Canvas prints just like the services offered by Canvas Design. But if you already have designs in mind, you can go to Canvas Dezign UK collection of canvas prints and choose the masterpiece that best fits your character. Canvas Design has art collections such as Chinese Art, Circlism Art, Nature Prints, Music Art, Iconic Prints, Sunset Prints, Artistic Prints, Auto Prints and Bansky Prints. These are just some of the collections that you can choose from and there are still a lot more.

Wall Decals
Wall decals are also known as wall sticker, wall tattoo or wall vinyl. It is simply a vinyl sticker placed on the surface of the wall to add texture, decoration and information purposes. Wall decals can feature words or artistic designs that you can place in one side of the wall or you can choose to cover the whole wall with decals. Make sure that you properly plan about the design and whole layout before starting to stick decals on the wall. It is suggested that you use complementary colors of wall decal to facilitate balance inside the room. It is now one of the important elements in interior design.

Picture Frames

Photo frames come in many size, color and shapes. It is up to you how you are going to make the combination in order to have a photo wall. You can choose personal photos to hang on the wall or you can choose decorative photos that will suit the theme of the room. For some photographers, you can have your own gallery at home by framing your works and place them in your wall.


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