Marine Animals

By:Icesis Overlin

Killer Whale

Some facts about the Killer Whale are the Killer Whale is also known as,"The Orca",a Killer Whale is a Carnivore,it eats fish,squid,seals,sea lions,penguins,dolphins,porpoises,and large whales,the Killer Whale is a toothed Whale,Killer Whales are in the family of Oceanic Dolphins,and they live in cold waters.

Bottle Nosed Dolphin

Here are some facts about the Bottle Nosed Dolphin,Bottle Nosed dolphins are the most well known type of dolphin,it's life span is 20-35 years,they are grey,their family is delphinidea,it's an omnivore,it's predators are human,sharks,and killer whales,it's favorite food is fish,and it lives in warm harbors and bays.

Leatherback Turtle

Here are some facts about the Leatherback Turtle,Leatherbacks are the largest turtle on earth,they are reptiles,they're carnivores,their life span is about 45 years,they are 7 feet tall,they weigh about 2,000 pounds,they are endangered,they are taller than a 6 foot man.


In all the oceans in the world put together has 332.5 million cubic miles.
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