Colonel Sanders success story

Colonel Sanders & the 7 Habits of Effective People

I Ate the Bones - commercial KFC [April 2012] - Funny TV ad
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Who is Colonel Sanders?

Colonel Harland David Sanders was an American businessman. He was famous for founding fast food chicken restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). The first KFC franchise opened in Utah, America. The KFC was developed rapidly and he sold the company to a group of investors for $2 million.

Was Sanders rich man since he was born?

No, he was born in a four room house. He was oldest of three children. His father was a mild and affectionate man who worked his farm until he broke his leg after a fall. After 2 years, his father died with fever. His mother also run away from Sanders because her new husband hit her. So, Sanders had to earn money for himself. He did many kinds of job like steamship crewer, farmer, etc. After his mother leave him, he went to army and worked in Cuba.

How Sanders started cooking chicken fried ?

At first, he didn't have his restaurant. So, he sold his chicken food in the room he live. And then his food got popularity from many people, he got his own restaurant and he invent his own cooking chicken method.
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7 Habits of Sanders

1. Be proactive

No hours, nor amount of labor nor amount of money would deter me from giving the best that there was in me. Try to achieve his goal.

2. Begin with the End in mind

internationally famous chicken recipe was rejected 1,009 times before it was finally accepted and put into restaurants.

3. Put First Things First

Sanders was a perfectionist. So, he always think service, cleanliness and food cooking method is important. DO all you can and do it the best you can.

4. Think Win-Win

There's no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery, You can't do any business from there.

5. Seek First to understand, Then to be understood

Sanders got advice from Dave Tomas, he heard his advice and changed like he said. And it work.

6. Synergize

When he was bankruptcy, company of candidate gave chance to restore his restaurant. This chance make this restaurant more successful.

7.Sharpen the saw

Though he sold his company, he keep trying to promote company like television commercials.

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