New Stylist Bonus


Jumpstart Success For You!

I am so excited to welcome each one of you to the team. You have made the jump into a very rewarding and super flexible career (not to mention super cute) and I can't wait to grow into it with you. You are going to be amazing! Promise.

Now, how much cash and free product will you earn in your first 60 days? It's totally up to you when you book, sell, sponsor.

For the month of December, I want to help you earn even more free jewelry. Let's keep your commissions in your pocket and grow your product credit account. Here is how we can do that ...

December Bonus - Book One More Show - That's It!

Each of you is one trunkshow away from earning your first jumpstart with Stella & Dot. Hold one more qualifying show ($300 in sales and 4 unique orders) and Stella & Dot will gift you $150 in product credits. Lovely.

Here's the icing on the cake. Add one brand new trunkshow to your calendar in December, qualify that show with $300 in sales and 4 unique orders and I will gift you an additional $100 in product credits to use now or on the new line in January.

I know you have a wicked product and I believe you can push just that little bit more. We are in peak gift giving/buying/spending season and I know you can get there. Plus, I want you to build up your display when the gorgeous new line comes out in a few short weeks.

Pretty awesome, right?

How do I Qualify:

Here is the low down:

1. Book one brand new show before December 31.

2. Email me the date of said brand new show.

3. Hold that brand new show and qualify it with 4 unique orders and $300 in sales before December 31.

4. Receive $100 in product credits from me!

Let's get started today! Email me today and I will help you with the Words to Say that work for you! The Holiday Season is the BEST time to launch your business and put profits in your pocket. YOU can do it!!

xox Nancy