WHPE April Update


As we head into the last quarter of the school year it's time for us all to celebrate what we have achieved this year: The new lesson idea or piece of equipment you tried that worked really well; A student telling you they were active on the weekend; A simple cue that helped a student master a new skill. Every day something positive happens but one of the best things we can do is share these successes with each other.

The link below will take you to a google form where you can quickly share your celebrations: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OBDfIdlvDQ7n9ICxyw4_Lhbm0QfAsjfp7P4yMeMEy3k/viewform

Michael Davison (@davisonPE) shared this thought earlier this month on Twitter: "The greatest thing about giving away your best ideas is that you then have to create new ones". I am excited to create a new WHPE community where we can share these on a monthly basis - Look out for the first installment in May!

CDC Graphic

This CDC graphic should be an essential part of every classroom - physical education, health, and beyond. While you cannot currently purchase it as a poster you can print & laminate it and display it for all to see! View the image here: http://www.letsmove.gov/blog/2012/09/18/more-they-burn-better-they-learn

International PE Teach Meet 3/7/13

We all know that professional development should occur year round but when we are unable or lack the funds to attend the WHPE convention or workshops what can we do?

The answer is already out there and WHPE is working on it for you. On March 7th an International PE Teach Meet was held with educators from all over the world giving 7-10 minutes presentations about a wide variety of topics. The event lasted for 2 hours, and while it was live streamed into a number of locations, it is has been archived for everyone to access.

The video embedded below links to the 12 presentations given at the meet. Topics include using QR codes in PE, Literacy in PE, Creating critical thinkers, Using Class Dojo, and Gymnastics and project based learning.

WHPE is looking to provide something similar in-state. My vision is that PE and health educators will sign up & create a 7-10 minute presentation on a topic of their choice and, 1-2 times a year, we will put out a mini-conference for all to view and use. I am hoping to provide you with more details in the coming months but I am very excited by the possibilities out there. The technology exists, we all have access to a computer and if you cannot make it to the WHPE convention, we can bring professional development directly to you!

Jarrod Robinson International PE TeachMeet Presentation: Powerful Portfolios

Monthly Fitness Challenge

The 1 minute Challenge

The 1 minute challenge hopefully provides a solution to the problem we all have: Not enough time. The 1 minute challenge invites you to see how many reps of an activity you can do in 1 minute. The beauty of this challenge is in it's flexibility:

  • You can choose the activity
  • You can vary the activity day by day
  • You can even do multiple 1 minute challenges a day!
  • You can fit into any unit of instruction you are doing
  • You can use it with any grade level

It also encourages you, or your students, to break personal records. You can choose one activity from each of the health related components of fitness to work on as part of a warm up or mix it in with any JRFH or Hoops for Heart activities you have planned.

The challenge forms are attached to this email or you can access them and all the other fitness challenges at: http://fitnesschallenges.wikispaces.com/home

Struggling Jump Ropers?

Check out this video for some great ideas!
Let's Jump Rope!

Food Group Blitz

National Nutrition Month might be over but here's a game you can play to teach/ reinforce food groups with your students.
P.E. Games - Food Group Blitz