Mountain Sweet Pitcher Plant

By, Jackson Burton

What is the Mountain Sweet Pitcher Plant?

A carnivorous perennial herb found in small regions of North and South Carolina. It has tall, hollow-shaped leaves and red, sweet-smelling flowers. Its only habitat is mountain bogs and wetlands.
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Threats to the Mountain Sweet Pitcher Plant

The Mountain Sweet Pitcher Plant is endangered and the primary reason for its threatened status is the destruction of its narrow wetland habitat. Collecting from wild populations is also an issue, but is less significant.

Ecological Importance

The Mountain Sweet Pitcher Plant isn't necessary in any ecosystem, but it does help prevent the depletion of nutrients in bogs, due to its carnivorous nature.

Economic Importance

There is no economic value to the Mountain Sweet Pitcher Plant, though the plants are treasured in the communities where they are found.
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Mountain sweet pitcher-plant (Sarracenia rubra ssp. jonesii)