Monday Memo

Week of 9/22/2014


1. Please visit to join the PTA as teacher support. It is $9.50.

2. You may wear jeans all next week if you wear an AVID shirt or College shirt in participation of Week of the Successful Child.

3. Enrichment/Clubs will start on Wednesday, Oct. 22nd. If parents are asking, this is the date you can give them. It will be more of a lottery/drawing this year because we can not accommodate as many students as before.

4. We are looking for volunteers to help with Enrichment. If you know of any parents who would be willing to help, please let Ana or Jana know.

5. RAH starts Friday, Sept. 26th. Letters are on Jana's desk. Sign-up sheet for students will be created on Google soon.

6. Progress reports need to be sent home with students this Monday, September 22nd.

Student Success Week - September 22nd - September 26th

The student success theme for the day will be discussed on the morning announcements. Teachers and students will be encouraged to continue their discussions after the announcements have ended. Nina will send a Rasor Staff email with a pdf of the Successful Student packet attached. The activities are all optional.

Day One- What is success? The morning announcement will include a definition of success, ways to identify it, and reasons why it often looks different for every person.

Day Two- Share Success: Someone on the morning announcements will share about a time when they were successful. Teachers and students will be encouraged to share about a time when they were successful. If students cannot think of a moment of personal success, they can share about a parent, sibling, friend, etc.

Day Three- Setting Goals: The morning’s announcement will include the definition of goal, why people set goals, and what steps can be taken to make sure goals are met. Teachers and students will be encouraged to participate in a short, whole class discussion about goals they would like to accomplish this school year.

Day Four- Steps to achieving a goal: The morning speaker will discuss the goal they set for the year, and the steps they’re going take to make sure that particular goal is met. Students and teachers will be encouraged to discuss the plan they have to meet the goals they set the day before.

Day Five- Future Friday:The morning announcement will focus on future goals and the steps needed to achieve them. Teachers can use the time after the announcements to talk with their students about long term goals. There is a worksheet in the Successful Student packet that allows students to write their goals for one year, five years, ten years, and what they plan to do to achieve those goals.

Happy Birthday


15th Temin Yilmaz

16th Cheryl Jackson

Upcoming Events

Student Success Week of September 22nd

Monday, September 22nd

  • First PLC meeting of the year
  • Progress reports for 3rd - 5th grades sent home

Tuesday September 23rd

  • First official CMIT day of the year!
  • Shelly's Baby Shower at 3:00

Thursday, September 25th

  • Zack, Jana, Nina, Maurice, Jolane at CPI training
  • Staff meeting after school
  • Mobile Computer lab from 6-8
  • PTA/Watch D.O.G. Kick-off at 6:00
  • Reflections ART Night - 6:30

Tuesday, September 30th

  • Crosswalk for Kinder and First
  • Alternate CMIT day
  • Team meetings with Zack and Jana

Wednesday, October 1st

  • Zack and Jana out at Principal meeting

Thursday, October 2nd

  • Team Leader meeting after school
  • Mobile Computer lab from 6-8

Friday, October 3rd

  • ESL teachers off campus at meetings
  • Rasor Market (Mystery)

Our Staff ROCKS!!! Look at all the great teaching that took place this week!

Brags to......

Specials Team – Thank you to the whole team for helping and making DOT DAY happen here at Rasor! I am so blessed to have a team that supports me like you do!

Thank you to Cheryl Jackson for helping our students learn correct place value when calling out car pool numbers. Cheryl and place value rock. Let's hear it for the hundreds!

Thank you to Anne for helping me at dismissal with getting my bus line quiet and ready to go. I really appreciate the help! - Christine

I would like to brag about Becca and the International Dot Day. She went over and beyond to create the banner in the hallway. Way to go, Becca! Our team is so proud of you and all that you do.

Shelly Sisco- She has been super woman, getting copies done before she goes on leave and taking on camp paperwork! That is quite a job! Your help is invaluable! !

Lynn Swartzendruber- Thank you for always being willing to help. ..With morning homework help and helping when I had to go to the doctor. You are an amazing and dependable friend and coworker!

Ana Teran- Thank you for guiding our parents through camp paperwork and fielding questions. It has not gone unnoticed!

Ginger Phillips- Thank you for filling out 4 forms daily for all our camp deposits, staying late to help notarize and always being so sweet and understanding. We are blessed to have an office manager as awesome as you!

Anne Armstrong- Thank you for never being too busy to chat about's so helpful to have some insight from former teachers. Thank you for letting me bug you!

Thanks so much to Chantelle, Joey, Patti, Amanda, and Cathy for your time and supervision of our MAP takers. That is HUGE for us!!

Becca Bailey's leadership is amazing - her "tweet" activity for educators, her "Dot" activity for Nat'l Dot Day that resulted in such a beautiful piece of art for the hallway...we are lucky she's here.

Lynn Schwartzendruber is always an active participant in every activity in which she takes part, is always a supportive and helpful sounding board, and is a tireless advocate for students and for classroom teachers. I feel so lucky to work with her.

Thank you to Mrs. Morgan for organizing Rasor Market and for moving it a week sooner for us too!

AVID Elementary

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Technolgoy Tidbits

Chromebook Applications

  • QR codes can be used during stations. (Chromebooks CAN scan QR codes through their webcams)
  • Students can make videos to share skills or teach others new things.
  • Ebooks can be used during guided reading or independent reading.
  • We can have access to more Chrome apps that can help our students with fluency and phonics.
  • Chromebooks could be used for science/health with pedometer activities, exploring outside or augmented reality..
  • Math apps through chrome that might help those lower students in math fact fluency, khan academy videos, taking an almost flipped classroom approach to differentiation.
  • Digital field trips to different museums/locations and then share with class.

Read With Me: 5 Tips to Foster a Love for Reading

"Read along with me: the best is yet to be." - Lisa Dabbs (adapted from Robert Browning)

When I first became a teacher, I was excited to begin sharing the love of reading with my students. I grew up loving to read and couldn't wait to open up the children's literary book club pick that my Dad had on monthly order for me.

The time I spent with books transformed my life and sparked my imagination. I wanted to create a similar experience for my students, but I found that it was sometimes a challenge due to their home life circumstances. In the end, though, it was well worth the effort.

Fostering the love of reading in your class may take a little work, but there are plenty of resources available to support you in this effort. Here are five suggestions that can help you get started with leading the "love for reading" charge.

1. Read Aloud

Read-aloud time was one of the favorite things in my class. My students loved the chance to sit together on the carpet or at their desks and listen to their teacher read. It was one of the best times of the day for me. I loved to read in different voices and "ham it up," depending on the book we were reading. It gave my students a chance to see me in a different light and connect with me in a down-to-earth way. Don't neglect this opportunity to bring reading alive in the classroom. Remember that it's OK to read fave books many times during the year, and to include chapter books and poetry as well. If reading aloud is not your thing, seek out colleagues, administrators, parents and web friends who can support you. Skype an Author is also a great way to build excitement around the read-aloud time.

2. Visit the Library -- Weekly

When was the last time you stepped into your local library to check out the haps? When was the last time you did this with your class? It's true that many school libraries have been shut down, but why not consider planning a library field trip? It's an amazing opportunity to get books into the hands of your kids -- for free! Get colleagues, parents and school admin to support you. Your local librarian can be an excellent resource, so be sure to tap him or her for support. While you're there, don't forget to sign everyone up for a library card!

3. Develop a Classroom Library

Did you know that research says we should have at least 1,200 books in our classroom libraries to support our students' literacy? Do you have a classroom library? If not, I urge you to develop one. To share the love of reading with our students, we need to have a variety of books that are easily accessible for them to read. How do we accomplish this feat? By enlisting the support of parents, friends and family who will make a commitment to support your goal of developing and sustaining a classroom library. Ask them to donate books or sponsor your class with resources that can be used to purchase books. Also, be sure to collaborate with colleagues on creative ways to fund your libraries.

4. Start a Book Club

The idea of a book club can be so exciting for our kids. Many students will benefit from the fun interaction that a book club can provide. Book talks with friends makes the idea of reading that much more enjoyable. The whole social nature of book clubs can be a very positive activity for kids who may still feel that reading is boring. For a resource on how to get a book club rolling, check out Elizabeth's blog post about how she engages her students in reading.

5. Write Stories

Writing stories can be overwhelming for kids. At the beginning, let's make this easy and fun. Try the idea of adapting a current storyline of a favorite book (Brown Bear, Brown Bear comes to mind) and having students turn that into "their" story. Early grades especially can benefit from this strategy to support a student's writing until they are ready to write (with your guidance) on their own. Consider integrating apps, such as StoryBird and FlipSnack, that allow for a collaborative writing experience.

More Suggestions to Keep On Reading

Here are three more resources that you might want to check out:

  1. Read with Me: My Book List: Create a Pinterest board with your classroom.
  2. What Should I Read Next?: Type in your favorite book, and this website will list 20 others similar to it.
  3. Ten Ways to Cultivate a Love of Reading in Students: My fellow Edutopia blogger Elena Aguilar provides more great tips.

Rasor Elementary

Rasor Elementary, with the community, will give us a safe, caring place to learn and reach our dreams.