For half of my winter break I went snowboaring in Wyoming...

Day 1: It was cold and a little sunny I turned on my helmet camera and was off. Jared and Tyler my cousin and brother were right next to me cruzing down the hill. Everything was so pretty it almost felt like I was a bit to relaxed because around 20 seconds later I had done a scorpion and face planted into the fluffy white snow. But that didn't stop me I got right back up and kept going. Then the hard part came all by mistake. My cousin who was now leading the took a right turn so my brother and I followed we didn't realize that it was a green trail until a few minutes later. Green trails are supposed to be easy but if there easy there flat. For snowboarders flat is our worst enimie. We were going for a while when the hill turned into flat. Jared, Tyler, and I started jumping around like penguins. We finally made it down the hill and snowboarded down most of the mountain happily!

Day 2: It was pretty mush like Day 1 except for one of my best friends Mackenzie Albright who was in ski lessons all of Day 1 but now she was coming down the hill right next to me. I think thast Day 2 was my favorite for me but not for this one kid who was about my age and he also wasn't very smart. So here is the story...

He came down like lightning and of course I was stuck again. He was racing another kid and when then the non-smart one went past me he yelled "YOU SUCK'' right in my face. I just kept starring at him as he kept going while I was penguining down the Doom Of Flatness. Then the boy went past Mackenzie and yelled "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" then he kept going and ran into the stone lodge.

Day 3: It was New Years Eve and not the best day of my vaca it was just like any snow day except for the foot of new fallen snow. Anyways that night I had just gotten done eating my prime rib in the lodge's dining room near our cabin. Then I went to the "bar" adn started to really get the party going. I guess that I partied a bit to hard because that night I started to throw up but I'm ok now.

Day 4: This day wasn't supposed to happen but it did so after a long drive trying to get home snow got in our way and we had to stay in a hotel but it was all ok.

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This is a video of my presents!!!