Below Sea Level In Europe

By:Zachary Smith

Summer Fun

My summer highlight was when I went to the Netherlands (also called "Holland") on July 31st-August 10th. We left at 4:20 pm from the Chicago to O'Hare airport on a direct flight. The plane ride was 7.5 hours long!

I traveled all over Holland on our trip. We were in the canals, the farms, the shops, museums and the city. I went to Rotterdam, Harlingen (where Wytse grew up), Den Hague, Eext and an island called Vlieland. Calder (my brother), Susan (my mom) and Wytse (my stepfather) came with me overseas to Holland.

We met with some of Wytse's friends and his 3 brothers (Douwe, Jelle and Hans). I also got to meet Wytse's mother and father or "Heit and Mem" in Dutch.

Dutch people ride bikes everywhere. We did a lot of bike riding. The bikes were everywhere just like cars are in the US. It was interesting

We had a family day with Wytse's brothers and parents to Giethoorn. We took a traditional Gondola boat down the canals and we had to steer and pole the boat to move it through the canals. It was hard work!!

Licorice, cheese, fresh bread, Dutch fries (patat) with peanut sauce and stroopwafels are traditional Dutch food. I tried mushroom soup as they have one warm meal a day.

Look At Me

Science of it

1. Windmills

The different types of windmills were use wind energy to produce electricity, grain and to pump water. The windmills are scientific because they convert wind energy into a resource or product. The first windmill was built in 500 A.D.


Bicycles use the energy you generate peddling to make the wheels on a bicycle move. The bicycle uses gears and chains that make the bicycle move forward. The bicycle uses simple mechanisms to make the bicycle move using the energy you pedal.

I Wonder

-How are the dikes (mounds of earth preventing the ocean from flooding the Netherlands) preventing water from soaking in and destroying it?

-How does the tide work there? Is it different? (Because of the way Holland deals with the water)

-How does the delta works work?

-How do the canals works? (Flooding)


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