Raven Review

April 3-9, 2016

Have a Great Week!

Good Morning RECHS,

I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend! Keep up the momentum in your classroom with your high energy and well planned lessons. After visiting each of your classrooms, I am very excited to hear and see what our students are learning.

Thank you for welcoming Mrs. Ford last week. She was so excited to have the opportunity to visit and speak to several of you about the innovative things your are doing in your classrooms.

Thank you to Ms. Bryant and the Yearbook students for meeting their final deadline and completing the 2015-2016 yearbook! I appreciate all you have done and cannot wait to see the final product!

Have a great week!


Professional Development

Please remember to share what you learned while attending PD with your grade level or content teams when you return.

Saturday Academy

Saturday, April 9th, 9am-12pm


The teacher who will be present Saturday are:

Mrs. Bell

Ms. Bryant

Mrs. Clapp

Mr. Culp

Mrs. Stone

Mrs. Wood