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Week of October 12, 2015

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Photo Highlights - A few of the October Students of the Month

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End of Unit Assessment

All Unit 1 End of Unit Assessments should have been administered to students. During department meetings on Thursday, we will review the assessment data. Please have scores available (preferably in Gradebook) to discuss during the meeting. All scores are due in Gradebook by the end of the day on Friday.


During our protocol on Thursday, we made commitments to follow-up with department members in regards to their learning plans. Do not forget to check in with your teammates.

Hall Passes

Take a moment to review your hall pass policy. Let's make sure that our hallway passes do not create a "roving door" culture. Please do not issue passes for students to visit the main office or other classes unless an adult has personally requested them. Also, hold students accountable for returning to class in a timely manner. Sometimes students are using bathroom passes to visit other locations.

Unsubmitted Attendance

Make sure you submit attendance for every class daily. Forgetting to submit attendance has a negative impact on our attendance data. Thanks for your attention to this request.

Achieve 3000 Training

Thanks to Mr. McNicholas for facilitating the Achieve 3000 Training. Also, thanks to all of the teachers who attended the training. Achieve 3000 is an excellent Tier 2 Reading Intervention.

STAR Assessment

Several teachers will be attending the STAR Assessment Training for Literacy and Math on Tuesday. After the training, we will schedule the STAR assessment suite for 9th and 10th grade students.

College Fair

Our first college fair will take place on Friday, October 16 from 1:00 to 4:00. Please wear your college apparel with a nice pair of slacks. Since we will have guests in the building, we will NOT wear jeans.

Enjoy your day off!