Mission San fernado Rey de Espana


Mission History

Mission san Fernando Rey de Espana was built on November 1797. Mission san fernando Rey de ESPANA number mission is the seven mission built. The one who built the mission is the Chumash indians. The founder of the mission is Farther LAGUEN . The important date for mission San Fernando Rey de ESPANA is on 1797. The location for mission San Fernando REY DE ESPANA is on LOS ANGELS on 25 miles on the way.


The CHUMASH Indians lived at Mission san FERNANDO. In san FERNANDO Rey de ESPANA father LASUEN was in charge. In san FERNANDO the older boys ate with the community and the 9 year old kids need to work on the fields. what chores need to be done the bell call the people for breakfast and lunch. What crops where grown wheat barley peas beans and corns. The one who attended for the school was the church. ON the mission san FERNANDO their were other buildings like the church work shop and the storage room. The only free time for mission san FERNANDO where 5:00 pm the bell rang to pray. The san FERNANDO crops were beans corns peas peach.
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Mission Today

Mission San FERNANDO is open today and any day. mission san FERNANDO has field trips. Mission san FERNANDO has a big church.In San Fernando Rey de ESPANA has a museum next to the work shop.


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