Task 4 - Membership Data

What you will be learning?

In this task YOU will be learning:
  1. How to import data in to a database
  2. How to edit, delete and create data in a database
  3. How to filter data in a database
  4. how to create address labels for specific data in a database
  5. How to create queries to search for specific data in a database
  6. How to create reports
  7. How to create a mail merge letter using the data from MStreamIT's database

Independent Learning

This website will show YOU tutorials to help YOU progress being an independent learner

Task A

Amend the customers data so that all records are up to date

  • Kudwick Bosko has moved abroad and has asked to cancel his monthly membership.

  • Rebecca Jackson has moved to: 29 Chester Road, Fleetwood, Blackpool, FY7 9PP.

  • Miss Phoebe Jacques, has just registered for the monthly subscription option. She lives at 9 Blackberry Close, Yate, South Gloucestershire, BS37 8YA. The certificate age block she has selected is ‘PG’.

Task B

Miss Jacques needs to be sent her new membership details. Create an address label so that the registration documents and membership details can be sent to her.

Task C

Adam would like to send some publicity information to all ‘Stream-as-you-go’ members who registered before April 2012.

Provide a list of contact details of customers who should receive this information, in alphabetical order of last name. Provide evidence of how you produced your outcome.

Task D

Adam would like to send a mail shot to all customers to inform them of the special offer if they introduce a friend or relative.

Using the draft letter the Manager has given you prepare the mail shot to be sent to all