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We want your Instructional Coaches!

What are Instructional Coaches?

Instruction coaches are regular teachers doing extraordinary things in their classrooms. You can pick what teachers you chose to make instructional coaches, as long as they have at least one period a day dedicated to coaching their colleagues. Instructional coaches are teachers that are utilizing best practices in their instruction, as well as moving out of their comfort level to try new things, and willing to share these skills and activities with their peers.

How can Instructional Coaches impact your district?

  • Develop and deliver in-house professional development and follow-up.

  • Collect and analyze classroom data along with colleagues.

  • Take the building lead in using data to drive instructional decision-making.

  • Assist colleagues in addressing areas for growth in Educator Effectiveness.

  • Co-plan engaging lessons with teachers that address literacy in all content areas

Why should your Instructional Coaches participate in TPIIC?

As an instructional coach in the PIIC program, they will have an IU mentor to assist and coach you on best practices and new techniques to take back to your district. They will be participating in a framework that allows them to anchor their coaching efforts, and pull from other coaches to help improve instruction across the district. Participation in the PIIC program also provides your coaches with ongoing training to develop their coaching skills, particularly in instructional strategies for all content areas.

Here is what district leaders are saying about their instructional coaches' participation in TPIIC!

Marion Center School District currently has two instructional coaches participating in the PIIC program. "It's important for coaches to stay up to date on strategies on how best to support the staff and to learn new instructional strategies that they can bring to the district, model in the classrooms, and support teachers to constantly improve their practices. As an administrator, getting into the classroom with staff has become merely impossible. Having coaches that focus on math and literacy allows teachers to continuously develop their toolbox of instructional strategies and programs to support a variety of learners. Our coaches model and support in the classroom, as well as provide a variety of staff development opportunities on ACT 80 days. They have been essential for the district to implement initiatives, which is their main goal. The PIIC program helps them to stay up to date and provides them with ideas, research, and best practice to support staff."

Amy Gaston, Curriculum Director, Marion Center School District

"The networking is great and I went through PIIC as an instructional coach, and the PD you get is better than any other. We are going from a one period coach to a full time and a 1/2 coach next year. I'm very excited. The one coach has an English background and the other (1/2 time) is a technology coach. " When asked how coaches were impacting the district, "Sharing resources, using formative assessment, helping analyze data- obviously with this going to 1.5 time rather than 1 period a day, the expectations will be much higher. We are doing a lot of PD with our teachers on Power Standards, Personalized-learning, and project-based learning, so they will be a big part of helping with that. I think they will do a lot of our PD in the future."

- Eric Thomas, Principal, Purchase Line School District

Homer Center High School currently has three part time instructional coaches. Their participation in the PIIC program allows them to be involved in "networking, learning strategies that have worked and are best practice and helping implement these strategies in our school to benefit our students. They bring back knowledge of best practices, sharing, implementing, supporting, modeling (whatever support needed to use best practice in our classrooms)."

-Jody Rainey, Principal, Homer Center School District

"The information and strategies brought back to the district has help in professional development, instruction, technology, and overall goal setting. Our instructional coach is an integral part of our team. Her knowledge, professionalism, and ability to work with teachers is of high quality. She works with individual teachers, groups of teachers, and administrators effectively."

-Larry Robb, Program Director, Freeport School District

What do instructional coaches have to say about the TPIIC program?

"The PIIC workshops and program have strengthened my teaching and allows me to share wonderful ideas with my colleagues to benefit our students' learning experiences. The PIIC coaching network offers a large variety of ideas that I can share with my colleagues. Each workshop has coaches fully engaged in the strategies our students may be asked to complete, so we can see first hand how a lesson will work. Additionally, the collaboration with teachers from other districts gives me the chance to discuss activities and lessons that have worked for them/their teachers in order for me to provide valuable feedback about the strategies to teachers in my district. Teachers can reach out to me for suggestions or ideas with implementing a topic as well."

-Jamie Cortazzo, Instructional Coach, Penns Manor School District

"This was my first real year of instructional coaching. I cannot wait for a more "normal" year to get involved with coaching even more! I really enjoy going to PIIC. I don't think I would quite understand what "instructional coaching" means without going to PIIC. I enjoy working with teachers/coaches from other districts. In my situation, I am a teacher and a coach. So it's nice to hear what other teachers/coaches are doing and participating in in other districts as well. I love the connection and the networking we receive. It's so nice to be able to learn from other teachers/coaches and to also work with the women of ARIN!"

Carly Meholic, Instructional Coach, Homer Center School District

" PIIC gives the coaches great ideas and strategies to take back to our district. We use the information to work with teachers one on one and even up to whole district professional development. PIIC is where we network with other districts and learning new ideas to bring back to our district that other districts are doing and works. PIIC is also where we learning new information from the IU to bring back and provide professional development to our teachers. I LOVE to learn new ideas/strategies/information to teach others. I LOVE learning and growing. I LOVE to help teachers be the most effective teachers to our students."

Maria Britton, Instructional Coach, Marion Center School District


There is a $500 fee for districts to participate in the TPIIC Coaching Network through the IU. Click on the link below to see what all you get for this price.


If you would like to receive more information about the TPIIC program, or getting your instructional coaches involved, please reach out to one of us. We would love to help you build a strong coaching network within your district.

Dates for Networking Sessions in 2021-2022

Meetings this year will be held on the following dates at ARIN:

Tuesday, September 28

Tuesday, October 26

Wednesday, December 15

Tuesday, January 25

Tuesday, February 22

Tuesday, March 29

Wednesday, May 18

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