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December 2014, Volume 2

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Did You Know?

  • Investment casting is based on, and often called, lost-wax casting.
  • Benefits of investment casting include the ability to produce parts with accuracy and repeatability.
  • Investment casting is one of the oldest known techniques for metal forming.

A Brief History of Investment Casting

First used for crafting jewelry and statues using beeswax, clay and primitive furnaces, investment casting dates back thousands of years. Investment cast artifacts have been found throughout the world from the Aztecs to the Egyptians.

The modern investment casting process and use of more sophisticated materials was developed by dentists in the late 19th century. World War II was the catalyst for further process improvement and capabilities due to the increase in demand for precision-shaped manufactured parts. Specialized alloys and more complex geometries previously only made possible by machining are now made by the investment casting process. The investment casting process is an affordable solution for commercial and aerospace applications.

How TPM Makes Castings


Meet the Owner

Jerry Conner: President

Jerry started with TPM in 1989 as Vice-President and General Manager and took ownership in 1994. Jerry prides himself on putting together a world-class team of engineering, sales and production leaders within the investment casting industry. Jerry's family values and desire to win cultivated a manufacturing culture second to none. To facilitate this winning environment, Jerry continues to invest in TPM resulting in continued growth year over year.

Jerry is a native of San Antonio but now calls Sugar Land home where he spends time with his wife, children and grandchildren. Jerry is also an avid Baylor Bears fan and is often spotted in Waco, TX cheering on his team to victory.

What to expect in the next issue

  • Wax pattern making and setup
  • Technology in investment casting wax

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