Taya Fowler

What does the term breakfast mean?

Breakfast is a meal eaten right at the start of the day. The word "breakfast" means "breaking the fast." We fast while we sleep, and we should break that fast which should make breakfast the most joyful meal of the day.
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Why should you eat breakfast?

Firstly, you should weat breakfast because suprisingly it helps you lose weight and sometimes its tied to why people are overweight by not eating breakfast.

Secondly, it helps to get your brain working and also keeps it poing for the whole day.

Lastly, you cant get you nutrition that you need if you dont eat breakfast.

4 things that could influence you to eat breakfast

1. Your Mum or your dad.

2. To get something that you will actually like.

3. To wake up early and get your day started.

4. Make a healthy smoothie its quick and you get nutrition.

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10 foods typically eaten for breakfast

1. Toast

2. Eggs

3. Cereal

4. Bacon

5. Baked beans

6. Omlette

7. Spaghetti

8. Pancakes

9. Fruit

10. Waffles

Interesting facts about breakfast

~ It can cut several risk factors related to heart disease and diabetes.

~Yogurt for breakfast is a very recent phenomenon in the U.S.

~The nation’s favourite breakfast is a cooked breakfast, followed by porridge, breakfast cereal and then toast.

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