Animal Discovery

Leah Grant and Breshana Boyd

Star-Nosed Mole

Type of Symmetry: Bilateral

Feeder/Eater: Endothermic or Cold-Blooded

Physical Features: Short limbs, front feet are paddle-like with long stout claws, pinkish-colored feet which posses dark scales

Adaptation: fur helps withstand water and nose helps take the place of its weak eyes

Fun facts: They are the fastest eating mammals, they can catch their prey in 230 millisecond, and can locate 13 separate dots in one second with their tentacles

Star-nosed Mole

Long-Beaked Echidna

Type of Symmetry: Bilateral Symmetry

Feeder/Eater: Omnivore

Physical Features: Spine-covered body, tubular, down-curved highly distinctively snout, and light-colored fur

Fun facts: They have a four headed penis, and they break there food down with the rough-roof of there mouths becuse they have no teeth

Giant Ground Pangolin

Type of Symmetry: Bilateral Symmetry

Feeder: Herbivore

Physical Features: Short powerful legs, curved claws for digging, elegant tapering bodies protected above by overlapping scales

Fun Fact: compromise 20% of their bodies weight and If caught, they will thrash about using their tail muscles. Because their scales have very sharp edges, they can slice the skin of a human or predator when they do this. They may also release the stinky fluid from their glands as a defense mechanism.