War of 1812

The importance of war 1812


The American point of view was important to me because this war was and still is important to the growth of America. James Madison signed a declaration of war declaring war against Britain. Both the United states and Britain had many losses but then Britain attacked the white house the nations capital.After that we had another battle with Britain that finally ended the cold fought out war between these two countries. The us side is more important to me than the Britain. During the war the North Americans had only 28 ships.

I support the US side

The u,s had an extreme reason to declare war because of the attack on the white house which caused the us to take action. If Britain would have left without causing a problem there wouldn't have been a war in 1812 but they didn't want to let go so easily. Since they wouldn't a war has began that people didn't expect to be small since the u.s had to rebuild their capital.

The war of 1812

This war was important to America now we've build and have gotten stronger since we have no one is able to slow us down. The presidents we have had made good decisions on declaring war at the right time.