The life of having type 1 diabetes

By Bryan Santos

What's Type 1 Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas produces little or no insulin. This prevents the glucose to enter the cell to produce energy because the insulin is the key to allow it to enter the cell in order for it to get energy. Type 1 is usually appears during childhood or early adulthood (adolescence).

Adjustments for being a diabetic

All diabetics' main goal is to maintain their blood sugar level. In order for them to maintain their blood sugar level they can't have it too high or too low. The foods that most people consume regularly either don't have enough of what you will be needing or have to much of what you will be needing such as, saturated fats and sugar that can dramatically increase your blood sugar. A food to definitely stay away from is candy, this will increase your blood sugar level by a lot and may even cause hyperglycemia. I recommend for people with diabetes to stay on a low carbohydrate diet which means that you would have to limit bread products that contain wheat, rice, flour etc.. You should also exercise in able to maintain homeostasis and lose weight.

Recommended foods for type 1 diabetics

How to control Type 1 Diabetes

In order to control type 1 diabetes you will have to take insulin injections in order to collect more insulin to have a better chance for glucose to enter the cell to produce energy. You will also need to maintain your blood sugar level and make sure you're not absorbing too much or too little. You will need to get used to a routine of exercise and eating foods that will help you stay fit and maintain your blood sugar level.