The Golden Speech

gold is not always seen

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What was The Golden Speech.

Queen Elizabeth gave the speech at the Place of Whiteball on November 30th, 1601. It marked a symbolic end of Elizabeth's reign, which was widely considered the Golden Era of England's history. Also addressed pricing, taxation concerns & surprising turned into a speech of her love for her country and position. a version was later printed near the end puritan interregnum which bore the heading "this speech ought to be set in letters of gold"

What happened afterwards?

Sadly she died 16 months later for reasons unknown (assassination). Most of the problms got resolved and yup........that happened ^-^

How it came to be.

The origin of the Golden label came from "a version of the speech printed near the end of the puritan interregnum" which bore a header beginning "This speech ought tot be set in letters in gold." The reason the speech was given in the first place was to address pricing concerns.