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Intermediate Literacy Review - Session 1, Week 1

June 13, 2014

Weekly Updates

This week in Intermediate Literacy Review, I have been getting to know the students as readers. They have been reading with me individually, and they given me information about themselves as readers. Students have completed vocabulary work for the "amazing words" that go with our reading for the week, Coyote School News. Students have worked on comprehension strategies and reading skills with this text. Students have also practiced their fluency and practiced close-reading a text to find information. We started the book Mr. Popper's Penguins. Students have also participated in choice reading, and they created Pic Collages about themselves, their interests, and their favorite book, that are up on the summer website (

The reading strategies and skills students have worked on this week are:

  • Author's Purpose
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Story Structure

The vocabulary words for this week were:

  • offers
  • convince
  • energetic
  • invite
  • effort
  • organize
  • cooperate
  • divide
  • responsible
  • planning


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