Saving The Earth: The Next Campaign

Can we save the Earth before it's too late?

The Newest Attempt to Preserve the Environment

Thanks to government funding, new factories are being built to host researchers who will hopefully be the ones to find a solution to global warming. In fact, a multitude of housing districts are being built in Antarctica where the houses have better heating systems for a more comfortable stay.

Our Only Home Is In Danger. Will You Help Protect It?

Is There Any Hope?

According to new reports filed buy the FPNW (Foundation for the Protection of the Natural World) approximately 409,338 trees and 2.4 million acres of forest are being cleared in order to discover new species that might need protecting from poachers, city expansion, or human pollution. The amount of progress being made is astounding, and wildlife scientist, Dr. Knowitall, predicts that by 2130, global warming can be stopped and the endangered species can be restored to healthy populations.


If you want to make your own contribution to the effort that might save our planet and home, please make a donation to the FPNW or contact Linda Bynes for volunteering opportunities.