By Laurie


The Senate is a other house in parliament which elect 12 people to be a senators . No matter how big or small a state or Territory they all have the same number

of senators. The chamber is colour red . The Government members sit in the seats at the left and Opposition sit opposite of them.

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Making Laws

Parliament biggest job is making laws .
A is make when somebody suggest at first it is call a Bill then it's voted on by parliament then if agree by the prime minster it will be a law but if not agree it will be over ruled.

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The House of Representatives

Australia is divided up into areas called electorates. Each electorate has a one seat in The House of Representatives. At the election the elected person will become a member of the house of Representatives for a seat. Every member of the House of representatives mostly comes from a different party. The party with the most members elected in the House of Repsentatives becomes the prime minister of Australia.

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