Romeo & Juliet's Death

By: Garrett Reasoner

The Faults For The Deaths

In spite of the family drama, Romeo and Juliet both make unnecessary decisions and are to blame for their own deaths.

Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence for assistance and doesn't get her way; therefore, she decides to threaten her own life, forcing Friar Lawrence to give her what she wants; "Do thou but call my my resolution wise, and with this knife I'll help it presently" (Act 4, Scene 1). Juliet is desperate enough to threaten to kill herself if she doesn't get her way; she wants out of the second marriage . Instead of telling her parents that she's already married to someone, she'd rather end her life because her parents are forcing her to marry someone else. She doesn't think about the other ways she can fix or prevent all of this; instead, she goes straight to the thought of killing herself. If she would've thought through the situation and made a better decision, none of this would've happened. Her age definitely depicts her choice that she made.

Romeo finds Juliet "dead" in her tomb, and without thinking, decides to drink a poison that would end his life; "O, here will I set up for everlasting rest and shake the yoke of of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh" (Act 5, Scene 3). Romeo decides to take his own life because he's too caught up in the moment with the death of his "love", Juliet. He doesn't think anything through and goes straight to the thought of killing himself. He never thought about his family or friends, all he thinks about is ending his life cause Juliet is "dead". Clearly, it's Romeo and Juliet's fault for their own death because they never thought anything through completely and went straight to thought of killing themselves .

Romeo and Juliet were very crazy about each other; however, they over exaggerated their feelings because they chose death instead of simply dealing with the fact that they could not be together. Although they were married, they were still very young. Because of Romeo killing Tybalt, he got banished making their relationship, which by now is a marriage, even more difficult. They had rushed into a marriage that was not reasonable, which the outcome turned into death. That shows they were definitely too young to get married and not mentally stable. Romeo nor Juliet made good choices, but there are consequences to everything and death had to be the outcome for the both of them which was devastating for family and friends. Juliet thought she needed to see him “O, find him!..” (Act 3, scene 2). which was once again desperate because she didnt need to see him.

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Nikki by: Logic

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In the song "Nikki", by Logic, it's talking about how he loves the drug so much, and that it's the only thing he loves; however, he also talks about how he has to leave it, but doesn't think he can. Just like in Romeo and Juliet, they love each other so much and never want to leave each other, and when the time comes when something threatens to end it, they can't stand it and decide to make bad decisions. With both situations the relationship is toxic, attached, and very unhealthy. Neither of the two want to leave each other because the love is so strong.

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Relation to Romeo and Juliet's Love and Death

In the movie "The Titanic" it resembles Romeo and Juliet. It shows two lovers who are attached and inseparable. They're both love stories that ends up in a tragic death. In the Titanic, Jack risks his life so Rose can live. As to Romeo and Juliet, Romeo takes his life when he thinks Juliet is dead. Both, taking their life for the one that they love. The deaths in the play and movie were very intense. It seemed as if everything happened so fast because the deaths were so sudden.