November 16,2012

What its about

The hurricane season is in mid-August to late October and averages five to six hurricanes per year. Hurricanes form over warm water; they use the water as an energy sorce. They maintain their strength by staying over warm water when they go on land they get weaker. There is a scale called the Saffir Simpson scale. It determines the speed of hurricanes basically. I am going to tell you more facts about hurricanes then i am going to tell you about one hurricane called hurricane camille.


Some people mistake a typhoon as a hurricane but there is a difference. Hurricanes are tropical storms that form in the Alantic or north east pacific (near the united states) . A typhoon is north west pacific (near Japan) and hurricanes form near the equator. Hurricanes have about the same strength but it averages this is why we have catagories for each wind speed. The catagories go all the way up to 155 mph. How the wind speed or how dangerous the hurricane is determines its name. Hurricanes are named in alphabetical order.

Hurricane camille

Hurricane camille is the hurricane i chose. Hurricane camille hit on August 14 and when it hit land it was in category 3. Hurricane camille hit west of cayman Island. The highest speed that hurricane camille reached was 200 mph. There was 256 deaths from this hurricane .To fix all the damage that was done it cost $1.421 billion. Some of the damage that was done was that camille broke most of the weather equpment.

Facts abut hurricane camille

Some facts about my hurricane is there was a minimum of presure of 26.84 inches. Camille was the second most intense hurricane recorded to hit the united states. There was a flood in Virginia becuse of this hurricane. This hurricane moved by warm water.


So there you go some facts about hurricanes , hurricanes in genaral and about hurricane camille. I think that hurricanes are very interesting. I think that it is cool that hurricanes form by using energy from warm water. I like to read about them to and I hope you do to.

if u look up there is a satellite image of hurricane camille