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Family Friendly Friday

Good Morning St. Damian School!

Welcome to the first week of "Family Friendly Friday." We'd like to take Fridays to relax a bit.

Please use these Fridays to do the following:

Catch up on your school work.

Conference with a teacher.

Relax and read a book or watch a family movie.

And each week, you will receive a FUN family assignment from our faculty. Here is your first one:

"I Love St. Damian School" School Song!

Together with your families, create lyrics about why you love St. Damian School to the melody of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame." Whether you cheer for the Cubs, Sox, or another team, we want to celebrate Opening Day! So show us your spirit! Write down your lyrics or video yourselves singing and send them onto your teachers! We will post them!

And, to further emphasize this activity. Post yourself on our Facebook page in your favorite baseball attire. If there happens to be more fans than Mrs. Miller's favorite team, she will lead her daily prayer in the favorite team's jersey! Can you guess her favorite team and favorite player?

We are hopeful that we won't have too many outside of school, "Family Friendly Fridays," but as stated in a communication you should have all received from our Superintendent, we are unsure of how long this closure may last. We promise to let you know when we know. We do know that we will not return until at least April 7, 2020, but it may extend beyond that date.

Spirit Week 2020!

Monday, March 30th, 8am to Friday, April 3rd, 3pm

This is an online event.

Join Us As We Celebrate Our Spirit Week!

We invite you to post a picture of yourself on Facebook in your Spirit Week Attire!

Monday, "Be Kind Day". Wear a shirt that you feel states how you are kind! Whether it is a bright colored shirt, a floral shirt, or just something that exemplifies your kindess, we want to see it.

Tuesday, "Art Day". Draw a picture of your principal, teacher, or staff member. Be sure to either email it to them, drop it in US Mail, or bring it to them upon our return to school.

Wednesday, "Pajama Day". While we hope you aren't wearing your jammies everyday, feel free to leave them on today. It's okay to celebrate the mass today in your pajamas!

Thursday, "Read to Me Day". Post a picture with your favorite book and draw or write about your favorite character.

Friday, "Inside Out Day". Wear those clothes inside out and post that picture!

We hope you enjoy Spirit Week brought to you by your Student Council! Can't wait to see your creativity!

Wednesday Mass and Social Media Communication

We want to continue to encourage families to attend our Wednesday morning all school liturgy. You can either watch the mass on St. Damian Church's Facebook page or it is recorded on the St. Damian Church's YouTube Channel.

Want to watch videos of our students at work or tune into the daily prayer -

Follow our YouTube Channel

Follow your principal on Instagram @sds_jmiller

Follow us on Twitter @stdamianlancers

And, as always follow us on Facebook!

Heart of the School Award

Many of you have shared your kind thoughts with us about how we are working to keep your family connected! We encourage you to take the time to nominate someone from our school for the Archdiocesan Heart of the School Award!

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