The One-eyed Taliban Monster

One, evil and most wanted Afghanistan criminal, working for the Taliban is out there, dangerously.


  • Rape of Hassan (75)
"It's just a Hazara"

  • Raping of many innocent children from an orphanage (256 & 284)
"There is a Talib official... Usually he'll take a girl. But not always."

  • Flogging women (284)

  • Massacring Hazaras/ joining the Taliban (277 &284)
"We left the bodies in the streets, and if their families tried to sneak out to drag them back into their homes, we'd shoot them too. We left them in streets for days. We left them for the dogs. Dogs meat for dogs."

  • Beating Amir (288)
"His brass knuckles flashing in the afternoon light; how cold they felt with the first few blows and how quickly they warmed with my blood. Getting thrown against the wall, the knuckles shattering my jaw, blood spilling from my split upper lip, my ribs snapping; wondering if i'll ever be able to breathe again."
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"I'll tell them about Hitler, now there was a leader. A great leader. A man with vision." (39-40)

Assef Believed Adolf Hitler was a great leader, a great person. A person who's action would have made the world a "better place." If they let the country finish what Hitler had started then it would certainly be a "better place." We all knew the horrible actions of Adolf Hitler, films, books, and news articles were filled with witnesses. What can you think of a man who looks up to Hitler as an honorable man, as a man who did "good?"

Joining the Taliban

The Taliban are a group of Sunni Muslims who are trying to establish a strict, puritanical Islamic state in Afghanistan. These people are trying to make Afghanistan and the world a "better" place. They created laws such like the Sharia law, which impacted greatly on women. Assef joined the Taliban believing it was his "mission" according to a "message" he had received by God, earlier in his life. This "Mission" is rather more a hell on earth.

The massacre of the Hazaras

Assef Believes the Hazaras were nothing. They are garbage who were just "dirtying" Afghanistan. "Afghanistan is the land of Pashtuns. It always has been, always will be. We are the true Afghans, the pure Afghans, not the Hazaras. They pollute our homeland." (pg. 40) He sees The Hazaras like Adolf Hitler saw the Jews. He gladly participated in the Massacre of 1998 when he became a Taliban official, "we'd shoot them right there in front of their families. Let them see. Let them remember who they were, where they belonged." (pg. 277)

PLEASE Speak up if you see this man, DO NOT BE AFRAID; dead or alive.

If he's still alive, can be characterized by:

  • Taliban Official-- of course!
  • Tall, broad-shoulder man
  • Wearing a pair of John Lennon-looking sunglasses
  • Long beard
  • Owns stainless-steel Brass knuckles
  • One-eyed- possible wears a patch