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Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It helps protect your inside with the rest of the world, regulate body temperature and acts as a filter. However, it can get affected by everything you do in your daily routine; from what you eat to where you live. Skin care is important as healthy skin heals much faster, fights signs of aging and many other things.

Small breaks in dry skin are entry points through which viruses and bacteria can easily enter inside your body and cause infections. Unhealthy skin is also associated with microangiopathy, a skin condition which impairs skin hydration and prolongs the healing process. Healthy skin is your body’s best defence against infections as it is a natural barrier that keeps moisture in and other harmful elements out.

Proper skin care is important not just for good health, but also physical appearance. Healthy skin makes you look confident and vibrant. Improper skin care can lead to sores, acne, wrinkles and rashes.

How to keep your skin healthy?

Few things that you can do to protect your skin health are:

· Protection from the sun

Sun exposure can cause age spots, wrinkles, skin cancer and other skin conditions. Hence it is necessary to protect your skin from sun exposure.

· Quit smoking

Smoking can damage collagen and elastic – the fibres that give your skin elasticity and strength. In addition to that, smoking can also decrease blood flow by narrowing the tiny blood vessels present in the outermost part of the skin.

· Eat healthy diet

Eat fruit, vegetables and lean proteins that are good for your skin. A diet rich in vitamin c and low in fats can promote healthy skin

· Manage stress

Stress can make your skin sensitive and trigger many skin conditions such as acne. Try to manage your stress and keep your skin healthy.

Acute skin problems

There are many skin conditions that are temporary and can be treated with proper medications or simply with time such as;

· Sunburn

· Corn and calluses

· Blisters

· Cold sores

· Rashes

· Dermatitis

· Bedbugs

· Itching

· Hives

· Vitiligo

· Alopecia Areata

· Poison Ivy

· Bruises

Chronic skin problems

Chronic skin conditions are incurable, but they can me managed with proper skin treatment or skin surgery such as:

· Eczema

A condition that cause the skin to become irritated and inflamed.

· Psoriasis

A condition that produces thick red plaques on the skin.

· Acne

A condition that causes red pimples on the skin, especially on the face.

· Rosacea

A condition that causes redness on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead.

If you notice any kind of abnormal change in your skin, then immediately consult a skin specialist or a skin doctor.