The House of Hades

By Rick Riordan

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As Percy and Annabeth struggle to survive in the depths of tartarus ,Jason and his crew try to stop a war from forming with the Romans and the Greeks while going to the Athens to open the doors of death from the mortal world at the same time. Will Percy and Annabeth make it out alive ,and will the Argo 2 crew stop the war?Find out in the new book, The House of Hades.

The Characters:The Pretagonists

  • Percy
  • Annabeth
  • Jason
  • Leo
  • Hazel
  • Nico
  • Frank
  • Piper


The protagonist I decided to describe was Leo.

Leo is a demigod who can create fire balls and he is really good with mechanics . Being Hephaestus son he should be able to do the above right?

Any way he has a nice personality and likes to make allot of jokes.

The Characters:The Antagonist

There are many antagonist in this book ,but the main on is Gaea, the earth goddess mother of titans giants and all monsters.

The setting

This story takes place in many different locations ,and one off them is of the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean sea .

The point of view in the story

This story is told in the 3rd limited point of view,by the narrator.

The Conflict

If you read the past three books you can probably tell that there is allot of conflicts in the story, if I told you all of them it would probably take years so i decided to only tell you 1.This conflict is a character against society , this conflict happened when Frank summoned a army of undead soldiers to fight against all the monsters coming out of tartarus.

The Resolution :Agree or Disagree

I agreed and disagreed with the conclusion of this book . First i agreed because by the way the author ended the story it looks like he was going to make another book in the series,and I disagreed because i think it would be better if they failed to complete the tasks because then they would have to fix what happened and it would also make it more exiting.