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what is a Komodo Dragon?

What is a Komodo Dragon?

You may think dragons are fire breathing monsters but if you travel to the far off island of Indonesia you'll find real dragons. Komodo dragons have been around for about 32 million years! Even though they have been for a while people thought Komodo dragons died out.

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Komodo Dragons are lizards who have scales. All reptiles do. They are hard plates that are bumpy and look like armor. The scales help protect the lizards as they move around. Most Komodo dragons have dark colored skin and dark markings. The dark colors help the Komodo dragon soak up the heat of the sun.
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Komodo Dragons are animals who eat meat, these animals are called carnivores. Komodo dragons are also predators. Predators are animals who hunt and eat other animals. Komodo Dragons are fierce hunters that will catch anything to mice to rats,goats,birds,deer and really really hungry Komodo dragons will eat an animal that can weigh 1,000 pounds!
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Where do Komodo dragons live?

Komodo dragons come from the Komodo island area of Indonesia near the north west shore of Australia. This area is one of the most hottest places in the world. Often the temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Sometimes it gets as hot as 110 degrees Fahrenheit!!! On the hottest days the Komodo dragons crawl into there underground burrows.
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Unlike other animals the Komodo dragon doesn't give warning or hide when its hunting. The Komodo dragon gets close to its pray and when its close enough to its prey it bites the animal with its teeth, and grabs it with its sharp claws. The Komodo dragon has very powerful weapon - its saliva. Its saliva has germs that makes other animals very sick. Then after a few days the Komodo dragon and others returns to eat the animal.
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Komodo dragons are very rare animals. They only live on a few islands, as more and more people move to those islands there is less and less room for Komodo dragons. Also people drive away or kill the animals Komodo dragons need to eat. For Komodo dragons to survive they need places where they are secure and protected and where they can roam around and hunt freely like they have for millions of years. LONG LIVE THE DRAGONS!!!!
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