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Love has Taken over

Advice Column

To Kaby the advice columnist,

My name is Hannah Tate, I am currently struggling with a problem that has to do with the government. See Ive been downloading illegal music tracks from the internet. Im sure I'm not the only one who does this as I went to concert in a barn where several hundreds of people where there. My friend Lena has tried to stop me from doing this but I can't stop listening to it and it probably has something to do with deliria. If I get caught who knows what could happen, I could be sent over to the wilds. Do you have any advice on how to stop.

To Hannah Tate from Kaby

Well Hannah seems like your problem is very compelling and understandable. However it has a really easy solution just think of all the consequences that could happen if you keep listening to this music. Now I have no idea why the music is ''illegal'' but you need to realize you will get in serious trouble with the government. Just remember it's ok if happened in the past, but in the future in can effect you.

New Movie Review!!

Delirium the Movie

Yes the sci-fi love novel by Lauren Oliver is premiering as a film on May 25 and here is a review for you.

Delirium is the story of a world where love is considered to be a disease that effects teenagers to do irrational things. The main character, Lena is a girl who is about to get cured for deliria. Her and her best friend Hannah, are both effected a lot and do a lot of things, such as talking to a boy named Alex, that point towards deliria. The movie is clearly marketed for teen and adult females as it has a cliche love story. I however wasn't really interested, but for girls this would seem a really enjoyable movie. If you like a good love story and likes reading this is the movie for you.

cast- Vanessa Morano as Lena Haloway

Blake Lively as Hannah Tate

Jeremy Irvine as Alex Sheathes

Diane Lane as Aunt Carol

Alex Daddrio as Annabel Haloway

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Featured Article

A girl named Madaglena Haloway was reported to have been dating a invalid named Alex Sheathes in Portland,Main. I was said by best friend, Hannah Tate, that it was the love for Alex that drove her to go. Lena Haloway was known to past curfews and sneak out of her house, which are signs of deliria. Lena was never seen escaping, but now she is gone with the invalids.

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Obituary- Blake Lively

The actress, Blake lively
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