Anatomy and Physiology Unit 5

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Unit 5 Exam Study Guide

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Addiction Lesson

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Endocrine System

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In order to receive full credit for the part of the project in the lesson, you must answer each question completely.

*****EACH Question is worth 100 POINTS. For question 1 you will see 30 points and so on. What that means is that if you complete that requirement, you will receive 30 points for doing so. When you complete all requirements for the question, you know you are ready to move on to the next section of the project*****

Lesson 22

Before answering these questions, be sure to Review the five previous activities concerning problems with chronic alcohol consumption.

Question 1

(50 points)Answer: From what you have learned about addiction, how can alcoholism be diagnosed?

(50 points) What symptoms would appear first?

Question 2

(100 points) Describe the effects of long-term alcohol consumption on the liver from fatty liver to cirrhosis. How does the liver go from a fatty liver to a liver with cirrhosis?

Question 3

(50 points) Explain from your point of view, in what ways is alcoholism a disease,

(50 points) and in what ways is alcohol an addiction?

Lesson 24

Before answering the questions for lesson 24, you will want to have already done research on the following questions

1)Why is iodine deficiency a problem?

2)What are the symptoms of iodine deficiency?

3) What are some possible solutions to iodine deficiency throughout the world?

Question 1

(70 points) Compose a three paragraph report on Iodine Deficiency that answer the three above questions.

(30 points) Provide the MLA citation for the resources used to complete this section of the project

Paragraph 1-what is iodine and why is it important to the body

Paragraph 2-Why is iodine deficiency a problem?

Paragraph 3-What are the symptoms(mental and physical ) of iodine deficiency?

Paragraph 4-What are some possible solutions to iodine deficiency throughout the world?(what has/can been done to get iodine to people without it)

Paragraph 5-conclusion

-include MLA citation for resources used :)

Project 5 Visual Guide

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