Noticias de la Semana

May 9 - 13, 2016

Academic Update

Math: We are finishing up our symmetry and congruency (Tema 11) topics with a quiz this week. Around Wednesday, we'll be starting Tema 15 which is all about fractions and money. Lessons in this topic include: fractions and decimals, using money to understand decimals, adding and subtracting money, making a drawing and writing a number sentence, and missing information. I'll have some practice websites in Website of the Week

Literacy: The persuasive letters are going well! Using their topic of choice, the kiddos need to brainstorm strong, detailed arguments that benefit both parties. From what I've observed, whomever receives these letters may have a tough time saying, "no." ;-) We'll also be discussing the format of a letter and what things need to be included in a letter.

Intercambios: It is the last rotation of the year! I'm excited to have a couple more weeks with the students after they finish the current topic with Sr. Martínez. Hoping to pull out my old social studies unit on MN. A lot of fun stuff there!

Spelling: Due to the Festival Cultural preparations, we are forgoing a spelling list for the next week or two.

Monday smile :-)

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