HIVE Help 101:

"Virtual Infotech Hub"

Your Neighborhood-Friendly Instructional Technician, here, a-BUZZ with a brand-new resource!!

We are all transitioning into a new era, advancing our practices and embracing the 21st century, and as a part of that progress, our cozy "brick-and-mortar" technology department is upgrading into a virtual space to better accommodate the needs of our BUZZing district!

HIVE (Hudson Infotech & Virtual Enterprise) Help is a holistic hub for helpful hints, "hacks" and how-to's nested in a healthy helping of Hudson Hornet honor (...okay, that last one was a bit of a stretch, I admit!).

Please bear with us as we continue to construct this colossal undertaking but moreover, please, JOIN IN! You are a key part of this endeavor and will become integral to its enduring success.

In the 21st century, it seems the BUZZwords "crowdsourcing" and "open-source" won't be going anywhere and our HIVE wants to harness those concepts to harvest the sweet nectar of EdTech, educational community, and the otherwise elusive expertise of our exceptional educators.

HIVE Help is intended to be the first thought in your mind when you think of IT, tech, and "HELP!", a "one-stop" hyperlink to whatever you may need from your technology department or related arenas of service.

Check out the simple overview below (just past the image of the new icon and the link to the site) and then buzz on over to scout it out, yourself!

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Click & Navigate!

If you prefer not to use the search, you can navigate through categories by relevance. Perhaps you need quicker access to multiple resources for a set of training for just your campus? Perhaps you know that you're looking for adding a printer on your Windows computer and definitely NOT a macbook? Maybe you know for sure that you're just looking to benefit from your colleague that attended a Campus Technology Specialist Academy with TCEA but you're not sure what the article might be named? Browse manually through the sections in the areas that seem intuitive to your aim.
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We hope all you Hornets holler "Hooray!!" for HIVE Help!!

Just the BASICS!

This is intended to be a sort of "dipping a toe" into the use of HIVE Help. We're planning on giving more insights into this resource and optimizing your experience! Keep an ear open for the buzzing in the HIVE!