Logan Gazette

Reinholtz Mini Vacation

March 27th

Over spring break the Reinholtz family went to Rochester Minnesota to

visit their grandma. It had taken them five hours one way there and five hours back. Once they had visited them they went to Olive Garden and had a nice dinner.

After that they had headed down the road to the Hampton Inn Hotel for the night. The next day they went shopping at the local mall. Logan and Dan had walked with each other while their mom was shopping. Then after the shopping they had a five hour ride back home. For a ride stop they went to KFC for dinner and then the ride home they went.

Cowboy Show

April 21st The Mexican Cowboy Show. Many had attended for this magnificent show. People had been waiting for this show. Many people had come to this show around the world located on Mexico City.

What he had done was spinning a lasso around him. He was doing this for his show and his fans and for entertainment. he was doing it with many flicks of the wrist and spinning and twirling the lasso.

people were amazed with this amazing show they had rated this for a great show experience.many people had enjoyed the show but one person was willing to tell the media about it. "At first I didn't think it would be all entertaining but this show was magnificent the performer had lots of challenges to overcome I highly recommend watching The Mexican Cowboy."

Walmart Unexpected Shut Down

April 13th. Five Walmarts closing Monday across the U.S. 2,000 people will be losing there jobs. Two stores in Texas one in Oklahoma, Florida, and California.

To many of the employees came as a surprise. One mother of three kids had told the media why this is not right "Many people today are losing their jobs but some single parents like me have a very hard time with money and this is their only job and hope to us sustain life."

Peoples reactions where surprised and others were crying. They had told the employees the reason for shut down. He said "plumbing problems." Some stores are closing for good and others will have the problems be fixed for good.