Mrs. Latta's News

3rd Grade

February 4th

A Peek at Our Week

Reading: This week, will be focusing on the skill "theme". Using the Trickster Tales from our reading book, we will be digging into the theme of a story, or lesson/moral. Our tales can be found on pages 282, 288, and 294. There will be a test over each of these tales on Friday (10 questions). As always, the test is open book and the students are ENCOURAGED to go back to the story to prove their answer! As a whole, they are doing much better with the open response written questions.

Math: We have begun Topic 15, Length and Perimeter. We are still learning to measure with a ruler, measuring to the nearest 1/2 and 1/4 of an inch. We may have a short quiz over lessons 15-1 through 15-4 on Friday. This will depend on how well the class progresses through the topic.

Social Studies: We are wrapping up Chapter 5 in our Social Studies books. Our test will be Friday (open book). This chapter focuses on many important men and women from our history. This week, the students are finishing their posters on one of these important people. This is an in class activity that is due on Friday.

Important Dates:

  • February 17- President's Day- No School
  • February 13th- FUN RUN @ 10:00
  • Fun Run pledge cards went home yesterday in planners. Prizes will be handed out beginning Wednesday morning.
  • We will not be having a Valentines party. However, if you choose to send in cards for the class, we will be exchanging! Please bring in a box for the kids to collect their goodies. If you do not want to make a box, a simple bag will do. We have 18 students in the class. Simply put who the valentine is from :) no need to put who it goes to.

Other Information:

  • RTWC Journals can be done ONLINE using the link on EDMODO
  • Thank you for your donations with our community project! All donations are due this Friday, February 7th


  • Bacterial wipes
  • black pens

If you have any extra black pens at home that you could send in that would be great! Thanks so much for everything.

First Mate!

Congratulations to our new FIRST MATE!

Anna C is very deserving of this title. Anna is a VERY hard working student! Not only does she work hard everyday, she comes to school to learn and to get better at everything she does. She keeps a positive attitude always and she is very encouraging. Anna is very helpful and always willing to help her classmates when they need it. She follows our classroom expectations perfectly. She sets a wonderful example for others to follow. Thank you Anna for your hard work and your positive attitude!