Fidel Castro

Ruthless Cuban Leader

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Fidel Castro was born August 13th 1926. He was the prime minister of Cuba, he created the first communism state in the western hemisphere. He served as commander and chief if cuban armed forces. Fidel was the president of cuba from 1976 to 2008. He was very powerful and truly made the people of Cuba believe that he was a great leader. Castro used Guerrilla warfare to take down leader of Cuba Batista. Castro's government established relations with military and economy with the soviet union. He was a ruthless leader and if you were not with the movement than you were being ran over.
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My Amazing Country

My Amazing Country,

flag red, white, and blue,

freedom at last,

who would have ever knew,

many long days,

and many long nights,

however Batista,

could not stand the fight,

No longer a leader,

nothing anymore,

Fidel is the only,

Batista is a prisoner of war,

Independence is what I believe in,

an I will never commit treason.

Fidel Castro - Mini Bio

Essential Question

To what extent did Fidel Castro's leadership have on Latin America and the rest of the world?
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