Enjoy Relaxing Moments Watching the Birds Gather in Your Garden

Making a house to attract birds? Like enjoy relaxing moments watching the birds gather in your garden? You simply need to place a couple of houses and nests, provide food and fresh water. We are here to design your own Bird nest box with live cameras for their security and you keep on eye every single when you are not with them or you are not in garden. We specialize in offering all types of Barn Owl Box Camera, Static Pond Camera and Rotating Pond Camera design for your garden.

The Nest Box Camera emits infrared light that allows still see everything that happens in the box, but without disturbing the occupants because it is a light that is not perceptible.

The signal travels through this cable to your television or computer and can leave it connected for long periods of time, so that the sounds of birds warn us of your arrival to the nest, and we can enjoy great live images. This cable can be left in place during the breeding season and keep the rest of the year. This system is recommended, as some Wi-Fi systems represent a large expenditure of energy and only takes a few hours.

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