December 5, 2014

Step Team and Dance Team to Perform

Our very own step team and dance team will be holding a dress rehearsal in the cafeteria on Tuesday, December 9, at 4 PM. As they prepare for upcoming performances, they would like to invite you to preview their performance. If you are available, please stop by the cafeteria Tuesday to recognize and celebrate their hard work.

Tech Retrofit: Equipment Security and Training

Great to see our technology retrofit is almost complete. A quick reminder to always make sure you close and lock your door when leaving each day. Also, make sure the projector is turned off. Finally, please do not store anything on the top of the DVD players. The vendor said this could cause overheating.

Heather will be providing some technology "nuts and bolts" training when we return on January 5th. Side note: it has been great observing students using the wireless microphones.

Upcoming Events

Monday (Grinch Day) - DDA Science (Grades 3-5)

Tuesday (Hot Chocolate and Slipper Day) - DDA Social Studies (Grades 3-5)

Wednesday (Stock the Pantry Day) - 1/2 day planning (K 7:30 - 11:00 and 1st 11:30 - 3:00)

NOTE: Sharissa Seymour at ISC Wednesday

Thursday (Build a Snowman Day) - DDA ELA Grades 1-5 TLC - 3 PM

NOTE: TLC members, please let me know if you have any agenda items. Thanks.

Friday (Tacky Holiday)- DDA Math Grades 1-5

NOTE: Allan Gee @ ISC from 10:30 until...

Different take on a student teacher...

Check out the engagement of the students in this picture during bus call!

Their "student teacher" periodically stopped and asked questions: "What do you think happened to it? Where do you think it might be?" - She is simply modeling what she has been taught in class. So cool!

I am always amazed at what our students can accomplish when challenged and given the opportunity. Thanks for all you do to make learning fun, meaningful, and engaging for our kids.

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