The Renaissance

By Quang Tran

What was the change?

The Renaissance, translating to rebirth, was a period of time in European history where art and learning advanced significantly. During the final stages of the middle ages, people started to realize the significance of life, leading to the Renaissance. Before the Renaissance happened, the Dark ages took place. Ever since the stone age, life keeps advancing. Except for the dark/middle ages. Special historical events and noticeable changes were very scarce during this time. Either way, if the Renaissance never happened, our society would be very different.

How did the change impact society at the time?

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

When humanists like these talented men were present during this period of time, they changed the way society around them thought, giving new opportunities, and new ideas for a better future. However, the church didn't agree with them because people focused much more having a better life rather than having allegiances with the church. The religious people who once had power over the peasants, now had little power after the new knowledge of society around them advanced. Even though the church was weakening, the number of people who became religious increased.

Since more and more people began to figure more about their life, religion has decreased drastically. The evidence for that change, is that society today has a balance of power between the government and church. During the middle ages, everyone relied on the church but the Renaissance men changed them, causing politics to increase and advance.