Eden's Day at School

Eden is in first grade. She goes to Buxton Center Elementary School. Her teacher is Mrs. Boutilier. She has many friends in her classroom. One of her friends is Julie, who she sits next to in class. During the day, Eden is very busy. She learns her letters and how to count. It is a lot of work. When she tries hard and does her best to pay attention and learn, she earns stars to get iPad time. When she earns five stars, she gets to spend ten minutes on the iPad! Sometimes, one of the teachers (Ms. Winterberg or Miss Amy or somebody else) needs to be out of the classroom with Eden's friend Julie. Julie sometimes needs a break outside of Mrs. Boutelier's classroom, or sometimes the teacher needs to spend some alone time with Julie in the classroom. That is okay, because Eden is still with her class. She is still learning with her other friends and her classroom teacher. She is still earning stars even if the other teacher is not in the classroom or is spending time with Julie. If Eden needs help, she knows she can raise her hand and ask Mrs. Boutilier for help. She can also ask a friend for help. Sometimes schoolwork can be hard, and Eden needs a break. She can ask for a break if she needs it. At the end of the day, Eden gets to go to a special class: computer lab, music, art, library or gym. Then she packs up and goes home on her bus. Eden is learning a lot this year in first grade! She is getting really smart. The End