Chapter 10

Haley E

10.1 Areas of Parallelogram and Trapezoid.

formula for parallelogram-- A=bh

formula for trapezoid-- A=.5(b1+b2)h

10.2 Area of Circles

Formula= pi.r.2 ( 2 squared)

example~ 3.14(5)2=78.5 type in 3.14 then put r in parenthsis then square it then press enter

10.3 Three Dimensional Figures

Polyhedron- a solid that is enclosed by polygons.

Vertex- the end point of the rays that form an angle.

Faces- a polygon that is a side of the polyhedron.

Edges- a line segment where 2 faces of the polyhedron meet.

10.4 Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders

Surface Area of a Prisms- S=2B+Ph B - area of the base. P= Area of the perimeter

Surface Area of a Cylinder- S=2B+Ch=2pir*2+2pirh


10.5 Surface Area of Pyramids and Cones

Surface Area for Pyramid- S=B+.5Pl (P=base of perimeter l=slant height)

surface area for a cone-S=pi.r*2+pi.rl

10.6 volumes of prisms and cylinders.

volume of a cylinder- pi.r*2h



12(8)(2) don't press enter till entire equation is in calculator.

10.7 Volumes of cones and pyramids

Pyramid V=1/3Bh

1/3(30*2)(15) don't press enter till entire equation in calculator

Cone V+1/3pi.r*2h


144pi simplify