Desertification in Africa

Help stop desertfication in Sudan!

What is desertification?

Desertification is the process by which fertile land becomes desert. There are many causes, such as droughts, deforestation, or overusing land for agriculture. Desertification is a real problem in Africa, especially in Sudan, because it causes land that can be used for growing crops to become useless desert.

Desertification in Sudan

In Sudan, desertification is being caused in part by the climate and weather of Sudan, and also the war in Darfur. Because of the war, many people are in very crowded camps in Sudan- causing many people to be in one place at one time. To feed themselves, the people farm, graze livestock, and collect firewood. This speeds up desertification. Desertification reduces the ability of land to support life, affecting both wild and domestic animals, humans, and agricultural crops as well.

Solutions to Desertification

Desertification can be stopped by educating people to not misuse the land and by using simple methods such as reforestation (re-planting trees), using good farming practices, fencing areas to prevent overgrazing, updating irrigation systems to make sure the water is not evaporated, and terracing land.


Project Reaching Out

Project Reaching Out is working on educating African people on how to use the land in a way that will also prevent desertification. If you are interested in helping, please join us in Atlanta for a meeting and discussion of our plans and goals for the future. For more information, go to, our website. We depend entirely on donations from kindhearted people and companies like you. Join us, and help stop desertification in Sudan!

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