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How to Fill at a Switzerland Entry Form

The Switzerland Entry Form could be gathered at the Swiss Federal Office of Foreigners or at the embassy. It could be collected at any time of the year except during the Football World Cup (Federation Cup) in Germany in the summer months of August and September. The form is to be filled out so as to show your identity. The applicant must write their title, date of birth and address. There are no charges for the Swiss visa and also you do not have to cover it.

The processing of your visa may take up to two weeks as soon as you submit all the necessary requirements. When the processing is complete, you'll receive a visa number and a receipt. You will also get a passbook which can be your travel guide which proves you have the right of entry into Switzerland. The passbook contains important information like the paths to take, how long one has to stay in each place and at what time they must return. A photo identification card along with a national ID card are also provided upon receipt of your visa.

You also have the choice of requesting an extension to your visa if you are staying in Switzerland for a lengthier period of time. If you're planning to travel around Europe, you also have to submit an application for an international travel card that proves your citizenship. You can apply for these cards at any Swiss embassy or at the Swiss Federal Office of Foreigners. In addition you have the option of requesting an EEC extension that would allow you to stay in a different country for an extra two decades.

You can apply for a visa on the Internet via the Swiss Federal Office of Foreigners' website. There is also an internet program from the Swiss embassy's web site. You have to supply your date of birth, passport and social security number. These forms can be found in a number of languages including English.

You can also download the most recent edition of the entry type on the internet. Some other useful resources comprise the International Switzerland Immigration Guide and the Program for Swiss Passport. The Central Council of Government Employees site has a detailed list of all offices of the cantons of Switzerland as well as their contact info. Additionally, it includes an internet tutorial about how best to complete the immigration procedure.

The Central Council of Government Employees website also includes a list of support groups that include Passport, International Trade and Settlement. There are numerous foreign centres of the Swiss Authorities which also offer services not only on immigration but on naturalization. They give assistance to immigrants and native speakers who need to adjust to the rules and culture of the nation. You can also get free advice online through Swiss Migration Service in addition to Swiss Federal Office of Foreigners. They supply advice on locating a Swiss lawyer as well as on the qualification requirements for