Office of Tutoring Services

February 2022 Newsletter

Mission & Vision


The Office of Tutoring Services will deliver opportunities to lay the foundation for students to achieve optimal success by establishing enhanced school and community partnerships.


To provide various, diverse modes of learning opportunities to students and schools that are innovative, fun, and lead to accomplishing greatness.

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February's Addition for Tutoring Service Providers!

  • Frame Change
  • Star Learning Center
  • TAG Team
  • Tutor Me
  • Wowzers

Tutor Spotlight-Ms. Carol Wingard

Ms. Wingard has been a great leader for OTS Tutors at the onset of joining our team! Being a Math expert and retired teacher, she provides Marsh MS with a tremendous skill set that helps students and staff bridge the steps towards success. Thanks for all you do!
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TutorTrack Training

Tommy Harris is conducting this training & is by appointment only!

2 Sessions

Wednesday, February 2, 2022-10 am & 3 pm

Office # 972.749.5739

Tommy's Zoom

New Dallas Tutor Corp-February Training

*Access training registration and information here!*

New Tutor Training

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Dallas ISD Tutor Corp-Istation Training & Pulse Check

*Access training registration and other information here!*

Istation Training & Pulse Check

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Want to Be A Dallas ISD Tutor?

Click this link to access the application and school options!


This is the guide on how to use the student TutorTracker and the link to access the system. Be sure to always input the students time they spent in tutoring so they can get credit.