Mrs. Huneycutt's Class

6th Grade Language Arts - Arbor Creek Middle School

STAAR Testing,

STAAR Math will be on Monday. STAAR Reading will be on Tuesday.

Please make sure your student gets lots of rest and a wholesome breakfast. They do not need to bring their backpack, nor should they bring their iPad. I recommend a tote bag or a drawstring backpack. They should pack pencils, an eraser, water bottle, snacks, a lunch, and books.

Water is the only liquid permitted during the test. Snacks should not be loud or messy. Goldfish, pretzels, animal crackers, fruit, gummy bears, and string cheese are all great snacks.

I am so proud of these students. They have worked hard all year, and I know they will do their best. I gave them my pep talk and told them they CAN and WILL do great!

Next week in Language Arts,

We will go outside for sidewalk poetry! Students will choose any type of poem to write using sidewalk chalk. Then we will take a walk and read them. We will also analyze song lyrics with our TPCASTT form. Students will look for figurative language, rhythm, rhyme scheme in their favorite songs.

Pre-AP only - We will take our favorite lines form their song lyrics we analyze and site and embed them into our own poems.

Activities in class:

- STAAR Math - Monday

- STAAR Reading - Tuesday


- TPCASTT poem analysis

- Song lyrics poetry analysis

- Sidewalk poetry

Tutorial Times

Does your student need extra help? Do they want to get ahead? Have they been absent?

Tuesday - Friday

Before School - 8:15 - 8:40

After School - 4:00 - 4:15

* I am not available for tutorials on Mondays because I have crosswalk duty.

Our class collects Box Tops for Education!

Clip them and send them with your student! The class that has the most Box Tops at the end of each 9 weeks gets a prize!

Learn more about Box Tops for Education and where to find them at